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Galileo Thermometer
(Color Ball Thermometer)

The Color Ball Thermometer is a vogue, special, middle and top grade high-tech present. It can measure temperature, be ornamental and meet the need of environmental protection. It is made of special glass case, color bulbs, temperature plate and kinds of solution confected by scientific theories. It can be decoration put in the office or house. It also can be original and special present to relatives and friends. It’s a top souvenir given by companies or meeting holders. The CBT has been patented and awarded a gold prize from Hong Kong International New Products and New Technologies Expo. It was sold all over the world and people in and out of China love it.

Technical Characteristics: Pretty design; innocuous material; no pollution; and measuring temperature.

Design Theory: Depending upon the temperature, the density of solution in the glass case takes physical reaction, and the color balls in the thermometer either rise or fall.

Way of Reading: The current temperature is shown by the lowest one of the floating color balls.

Attention: Keep away from heat and avoid direct light for long time to avoid incorrect measurement.

Advantages comparing with the traditional mercurial thermometer:

Traditional Mercurial Thermometer Galileo Thermometer
Material is toxic, if it breaks during production and using, it will hurt people and pollute the environment.
Material is innocuous, if it breaks during production and using, it will NOT hurt people and NOT pollute the environment.

Commonly designed, and need to read closely, low decoration and low artistic character.
Pretty design, high decoration and ornamental usage, high art character, high technology to certain extent.


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